Comments needed on Lake Superior management plan by May 8

The deadline for commenting on the DNR’s proposed revision of the management plan for Lake Superior and its tributaries is rapidly approaching.   Comments are due by Sunday May 8. Here is the link to the webpage, which has draft plan and instructions on how to comment on-line or by phone:   Please note that you can cut and paste comments into the on-line survey, especially into the last box provided with survey item number 13. The DNR has received very

Attack on Groundwater and Trout Streams Has Begun Again

Two legislators have renewed efforts to roll back basic protections for drinking water supplies and trout fisheries.  Rep. Howe (R – Rockville) and Rep. Newberger (R- Becker) recently introduced H.F. 3399 and H.F. 3400, which undermine groundwater sustainability requirements and effectively prevent DNR from restricting excessive, unsustainable pumping of groundwater until after trout fisheries are harmed or destroyed and drinking water sources are depleted. Drinking water aquifers in many areas of the state are being steadily depleted through excessive, unsustainable pumping

Urge Governor Dayton to vote “no” on test case of Great Lakes Compact and protect Lake Superior from future water diversions

On Thursday March 3, 2016 the DNR hosts a meeting in Duluth regarding a decision which could set a precedent either to allow Lake Superior waters to be diverted out of the basin or to prevent such diversions.  The first test of the Great Lakes Compact is here – in the form of an application by the city of Waukesha, WI to divert water out of the Great Lakes basin.  It is important that Governor Dayton vote “no” on this application