Garvin Brook

Location: Winona County, MN
Contact:  Win-Cres Chapter

Funding: Lessard-Sams 2013


Goals: Increase the health and resilience of the fishery and watershed by improving the in-stream habitat and surrounding forest habitat.


• Creation of a barrier to upstream movement by brown trout and through electroshocking remove all brown trout to below this barrier.

• Narrow the stream channel, remove accumulated sediment, re-slope and stabilize stream banks, and install overhead cover (including depth cover).

• Damaged trees, invasive trees and other invasive plants will be removed along the riparian corridor and native vegetation reestablished.

Implementation: Construction began late 2014.

Project Contributors: Trout Unlimited, MNDNR Forestry and Fisheries and Winona State University.


Pine Creek, Winona County

East Indian Creek, Wabasha County