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Minnesota Trout Unlimited

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Conservation News

Anti-trout bill being debated Friday April 24 – e mails and calls needed ASAP

A bill containing provisions to remove protections for trout streams has been unexpectedly scheduled for debate today.  Amendments to this House bill – H. 846 – are being offered to […]

Governor Dayton inspires – highlights importance of buffers in state of state speech

In his state of the state address Thursday evening, Governor Dayton demonstrated his commitment to passing a buffer bill this year, and asked for your help to get it done.  […]


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Minnesota's Trout Waters

Learn more about Minnesota's trout streams, rivers and lakes, as well as the threats they face.

Habitat Projects

Located across the state, our projects work to improve, protect and enhance coldwater resources. We partner with local, state and national groups to accomplish work that will help sustain trout, salmon and steelhead in Minnesota for generations to come. Learn more about our projects...

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Minnesota Trout Unlimited is the leading voice, and YOUR VOICE, advocating for coldwater fisheries and watersheds in Minnesota and the region. We urgently need your financial support to keep us working effectively for you, your family and your fishing pals.

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Check out our News/Blog Page for the latest updates on important issues and read copies of the state newsletter "Trout Unlimited Minnesota"