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Trout Unlimited Minnesota is the official publication of Minnesota Trout Unlimited and there are three issues distributed to MNTU members each year. The content includes conservation issues, habitat improvement project highlights, fishing techniques, destination articles, fly tying tutorials and more. This is also where you can find what the various chapters across the state have been up to and what chapter and state events are coming up.

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Flowing Freely – Culvert Replacement

Taking Action on Nitrates

Exploring With a Dry Fly

Public Access to Trout Water

Fisheries Management Successes

Reading Trout Water

Tying the Purple Prince Charming

Photo Contest Winners

Foster the Outdoors


Youth Series: Indicator Species

MN Chapter Updates

Larry Gavin Poetry


The MN Heritage Brook Trout Story

MNTU Advocacy: A Call to Action

2023 Habitat Improvement Projects

MNTU Education Update

Clearwater River Trout

Secret Spots

A Nymphing Primer

Tying the Purple Haze Special

2023 Give to the Max

Youth Series: Storm Drains

MN Chapter Updates

Larry Gavin Poetry


MNTU Legislative Update

Introduction to Jennifer Biederman

Artist Profile: Stanley Leonard

Tying the 20 Incher Stonefly Nymph

MNTU Education Update

Win-Ces, Stihl and Landowners: All Win!

Photos: Considering Our Piscatorial World from Behind a Lens

2022 Ice Out Blues

Electroshocking with the MNDNR

Japanese Knotweed

Youth Series: Trout Tanks vs Wild Streams

MN Chapter Updates

Larry Gavin Poetry


An Introduction to Author Steve Ramirez

Cold Weather Fly Fishing Tips

Youth Series: Fish Habitats

BWCA Trout Fishing: Winter

2023 Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo Poster

Tying the Tube Fly Intruder

Minnesota Trout Hatcheries

Book Review: Fly Fishing Minnesota

MN Chapter Updates

Larry Gavin Poetry


The Effects of Neonicotinoids

Rush Creek Fish Kill

Fly Tying Starter Pack

Forestville Creek

Tying the Never Sink Trude

Daughter in the Driftless

Chapter News

Larry Gavin Poetry


Tying the Beadhead Scud

MNTU Photo Contest Winners

Free the Kinni

MNTU Education Update

Rush Creek Habitat Improvement

New Rod

His Last Crossing

Book Review: Trout Tips

Fishing the South Branch of the Root River

Chapter News

Larry Gavin Poetry


West Indian Creek Habitat Work

City Living

Water Sabbath

2022 Expo Poster

Trout: Anatomy of a Predator

Book Review: The Optimist

Beaver Pond Brook Trout

Tying the Slumpbuster

Chapter News

Larry Gavin Poetry


MNTU Year in Review

Book Review: Home Waters

Intro to Fly Tying Supplies

Wacko Macros

The Golden Trout of Fall

Season’s End

Tying Elk Hair Caddis

A Montana Road Trip

Larry Gavin Poetry

Wise to Choose Wisel

Chapter News


Artist Profile: Bob White

2021 Photo Contest Winners

MNTU Education Update

Youth Series: Summer Fishing Made Simple

Family Traditions on Rush Creek

A Blast from the Past

Tying the Gussied-Up Lightning Bug

New Access to Garvin Brook

Introduction to Pink Salmon

Chapter Updates

Finding Tiger Trout


Changes to Water Quality Standards

Fishing the South Branch of the Whitewater River

Tying the Midge Emerger Special

Remembering Dave (Doc) Halvorson

Youth Series: Parts of a Fish 

Brook Trout Above Barriers

Fundraising Success

Smooth Glass

MNTU 2021 Photo Contest Announcement

Chapter Updates

Waiting For Spring


Responsible Mining

Guardians of Garvin Brook

Tying the Opal X-Caddis

Artist Profile: Lloyd Hautajarvi

Youth Essay Contest Winners

Back to the Beginner’s Mind

Youth Series: A Superior Fish Tale 

The Gear You Need to Swing

The Pink Squirrel Parachute

Portrait of a Trout Stamp Artist

Book Review: The Classic Sporting Art of Bob White

MNTU at Eagle Ridge Academy


Adding a Fighting Butt to a Fly Rod

The Impacts of Culverts of Trout Streams

Tying the Puterbaugh Caddis Varient

Artist Profile: Charlie Forbes

Youth Essay Contest Winners

Youth Series: Wacko Macros

Shorecasting for Kamloops


Fishing the Temporary Normal

Book Review: Graced by Waters

Many Voices

Select Poetry: Larry Gavin


Rainbow Trout

Fly Tying: The BWO Special

Timber Harvest on Aquatic Management Lands

Fishing Our Habitat Improvement: Trout Run Creek

A Legacy of Giving

Resolution Month

TU Teens Summit

Youth Series: How to Fix a Trout Stream

Making and Fishing Bamboo Rods

Anglers Afield: A Good Fight in French Polynesia

Select Poetry: Larry Gavin

Finding New Water


Regional Fishing Artist Profile: Jake Keeler

Tying the Purple Prince Charming

A Month as a Trout Bum

Will MPCA Changes Help or Hurt Trout?

MNTU Education Update

Youth Series: The Trout Life Cycle

Catching Yellowstone’s Wild Trout – Book Review

Ice Fishing for Lake Trout

Hippie Stomping Hay Creek

Six Rivers

Select Poetry: Larry Gavin

Landscape Healing


Northeast MN Trout

Fly Fishing, Photography and New Friends

Fly Tying: Wiese’s Bob Hopper

An Introduction to TroutRoutes

How MNTU Completes Habitat Projects

Youth and Family Fishing Dates 2019

Youth Series: Building Strong Watersheds

Anglers Afield: Tasmania

Fishing and Painting in Minnesota’s Driftless

Fly Fishing Techniques for MN Trout

Select Poetry: Larry Gavin

2019 Photo Contest Winners


Coaster Brook Trout

Foster the Outdoors

Fly Tying: The CDC & Elk

Swinging for Steelhead

One Fly

MNTU Year in Review

Youth and Family Fishing Dates 2019

Youth Series: Four Seasons of a Trout

Artist Profile: Ted Hansen

Upper Mississippi River Initiatitve

Winter Fishing in the Southeast

Rigging for Steelhead

A Little Boy


Artist Profile: Josh DeSmit

A Walk Through the Seasons

Fly Tying: The Prince Nymph

Fishing Our Habitat Improvement: Newburg Creek

Lotic Love

All About Trout: Youth Series

Key to Macroinvertebrates

Minnesota Hatch Chart

Trout in the Classroom Update

Book Review: Cloudbursts

Shore Fishing Lake Superior

Garvin Brook Research


Lake Trout in the Boundary Waters

Beginning Fly Fishing

Habitat Work in MN – Part 3 Bank Stabilization

MNTU Photo Contest Winners

Tying the Shop Vac

Anglers Afield: Abaco

Celebrating Eagle Creek

Remembering Brian Schumacher and Janet Veit

You Can Help MNTU!

Tales of a Classroom Trout

Trolling the Web

Reeling it In


Winter in the Driftless

Anglers Afield – Exploring Missoula, MT

Habitat Work in MN – Part 2 Rock and Log Vanes

How to Start a College Fly Fishing Club

Fishing Our Habitat Work: Garvin Brook

Tying the Purple Haze

MNTU in 2017: A Year in Review

The Future of Fly Fishing

Book Review: Fly Fishing the Inland Oceans

Fly Fishing: A Treasure of Beauty

Gill Lice: A Potential Threat to Brook Trout

Tales of Classroom Trout


Fear of Change

Foster the Outdoors – Get Into Mentorship!

Exploring Our Habitat Work – Trout Brook

MNTU Education Update

Creatures of the Night

Stream Habitat Work in Minnesota

The Driftless Area Border Battle College Contest

Tying the BWO Klinkhammer

Volunteering on the Vermillion

2018 Great Waters Expo Update

Chapter News

Reeling it In


The New Trout Spotr App

Foster the Outdoors – Get Into Mentorship!

Fishing Our Habitat Work: East Indian Creek

Saving North Shore Steelhead

The Brown Trout Contest at Mauer Bros. Tavern

Fly Tying – The Kluver Soft Hackle

Eagle Creek Historical Update

TU is a Great Place for Volunteers!

Meet the Gustavus Fly Fishing Club

Tying Stanek’s Sow Bug

Book Review – The Habit of Rivers

Foster the Outdoors Through Mentorship


Fly Fishing the Boundary Waters

Fishing Our Habitat Work – Mill Creek

A Fly Fishing Gold Mine in the Arrowhead

Fly Tying – The Hare & Copper Nymph

The Art of Custom Rod Building

NRRI Stream Temperature Study Update

Is the DNR Keeping Faith with Trout Stamp Buyers?

The Secrets of A Jerk Fly

Headwaters Summer Women’s Program

Tying the Beadhead Scud

Brown Trout in SE Minnesota

Book Review – Young Men and Fire

Foster the Outdoors Through Mentorship


Fishing Our Habitat Work: The Vermillion River

Beyond Minnesota: Fishing Sitka Alaska

Metro Trout Stream Update

Fly Tying – The Hare & Copper Nymph

Trout Stream Easements – Is MN Dropping the Ball?

2017 Great Waters Expo Headliners

Trolling the Web

Book Review – Chasing Rumor

TU’s New College Club Program

Win-Cres Chapter Fundraiser

Remembering a Minnesota Angler

Chapter News


Fishing Our Habitat Work: Garvin Brook

2016 Photo Contest Winners

Caring for the Boundary Waters

Fly Tying – The Basic Pheasant Tail

Funding Secured for State Habitat Projects

A Gift and a Dance

Invasive Plants

Finding Nass Creek

Book Review – Covered Waters

2017 Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo Unveiled

An Exceptional Angler & Donation

The Lost Trout Streams of Burnsville – Part 3


An Unsolved Mystery in the Whitewater Valley

Restoring & Fishing Hay Creek

Expo Conservation Programs

Winter Trout Through the Ice

Fly Tying – The Double Wing Trude

Book Review – Fly-fishing SE Minnesota

Women’s Fly Fishing Programs

Twin Cities Lost Trout Streams

Trout Unlimited – Connecting Us With Rivers

Trolling the Web

Fly Fishing Film & Video Contest

MNTU Chapter News


2015 Annual Report

Twin Cities Lost Trout Streams

Bigger Steps on Little Rock Creek

Book Review – Listen For the Whitethroats

Finding North Shore Temperature Refuges

A Hay Creek Fishing Outing

TIC – Connecting Students With Watersheds

Fly Fishing Film & Video Contest

MNTU Chapter News


SE MN Brook Trout Biology

Vermillion River Update

Photo Contest Winners

North Shore Steelhead

Book Review – Sea Winter Salmon

MNTU Chapter News


Getting Trout in Your Classroom

TU’s Regional Meeting

Book Review – Fly-Fishing the 41st

Fishing The Sucker River

Stream Buffers

Tying the Stop & Go Soft Hackle

Burgers, Beer and Blue Winged Olives

The Challenges of Winter Fishing

Little Long Lake – A Fishing Opportunity to Share

The Fight to Save Eagle Creek – A History

Expo Conservation Programs

Deforestation in the Headwaters

MNTU Chapter News.


Photo Essay – Exploring The Vermillion River

TU’s National Leadership Council

TCTU Banquet Announcement

Book Review – The Royal Wulff Murders

Scouting and TCTU

Got Trout? Trout in the Classroom in SE MN

Tying the Bullet Head Hopper

Little Rock Creek

Chapter Fly Tying Kit Opportunity

An Assault on Minnesota’s Water Laws

A New Sign for Minnesota Brook Trout

MNTU Chapter News


Fishing Our Habitat Improvement – The Straight River

MNTU Photo Contest

A Memorable Day on Rush Creek

Book Review – Brook Trout

Fish Hook Removal 101

Management Success on Stony Brook

Tying the Adams Cripple

Mid-Minnesota Chapter Renewal

News from TU National

Minnesota’s Water Law

Stewart River Watershed Conservation

MNTU Chapter News


Fishing Our Habitat Improvement- Pine Creek

MNTU Photo Contest

A North Shore Homecoming

Book Review – Many Rivers To Cross

Sulfide Mining in Minnesota

The Greatest Catch

Father’s Day Fishing- A Reflection

Tying the Purple Prince Charming

An Angler’s Paradise

Urban Trout Stream Revitalization

The Changing Face of Stream Restoration

MinnAqua Youth Flyfishing Weekend

Coaster Brook Trout Update

MNTU Chapter News


Managing Forests for Trout

Habitat Improvement in SE Minnesota

Anglers Abroad: Wisconsin Salmon

Silica Sand Mining Update

Book Review: Finding Fish Around the Region

MNTU Chapter News

News from TU National


Trout Fishing The Headwaters

Tying The Chuck Hair Caddis

A Boy’s Trout Stream

Silica Sand Mining Update

Book Review – Wildstream

News From TU National

Fishing The Dark River

MNTU Chapter News

Before Stepping


Habitat Improvement in Minnesota

Book Review – Traver’s Corners

Choosing a Bamboo Fly Rod

News From TU National

Silica Sand Mining and Trout

The Slimy Sculpin in MN

MNTU Chapter News

Headwaters Youth Flyfishing

Project Healing Waters