East Indian Creek

Location: Wabasha County, MN
Contact:  Win-Cres Chapter

Funding: Lessard-Sams 2013

Goals: Reduce stream bank erosion and associated sedimentation downstream, reconnect the stream to its floodplain and increase natural reproduction of trout, habitat, biodiversity and trout angling opportunities.


Removal of invasive trees from riparian zone and grading of banks to remove excess deposited sediment.

• Reinforcement of banks with indigenous rock from local quarries.

• Deepening of the stream channel

• Installation of overhead structures

• Planting of native prairie grasses and fast sprouting annual grains to anchor soils the first year.

Implementation: Construction in progress, will be completed in 2014.

Project Contributors: Hiawatha Chapter of Trout Unlimited


Cold Spring Brook, Wabasha County

West Indian Creek, Wabasha County