Hay Creek

Location: Goodhue County, MN
Contact:  Twin Cities Chapter

Funding: Lessard-Sams 2008-2013

Goals: Increase the natural reproduction and biomass, reduce the sediment loads and chemicals into the creek, stabilize degraded banks, and provide a stable environment for the aquatic species that depend on the watershed.


• Bank stabilization with rip rap, soil erosion control blankets and native grasses.

• Installation of weirs and rock veins to narrow the stream

• Installation of skyhooks and lunker structures

Implementation: Construction began in the summer of 2008 and has continued every summer through 2013. If funds are continually available the work will extend to the entire watershed.


Funding: Lessard-Sams 2012

Goals: Enhance ~6,000’ of stream flowing thorough State Forest lands through habitat installation, stream stabilization and creation of a more native plant community.


 Sloping and stabilization of stream banks.

• Installation of overhead cover for trout.

• Installation of soil erosion blankets.

• Mulching and seeding of exposed stream banks with native species.

Implementation: Construction was completed summer 2012.



West Indian Creek, Wabasha County

Cold Spring Brook, Wabasha County