Headwaters Chapter

History of Headwater’s Chapter 642

January 1993 was the first official meeting date. The three founding fathers, Gale Brooks, Bob Frazey and John Sorenson presented and adopted Headwaters as the chapter name. 2018 will mark our 25th anniversary where we will proudly celebrate our major accomplishments of:

1. A continuous 16 year youth fly fishing program.

2. A 9 year continuous Trout in the Classroom program.

3. A 12 year focused Straight River Restoration Program with four helicopter tree drops.

4. Brook trout reproduction restored in several streams, plus brown trout naturalized in streams and rivers.

5. Increased involvement and membership through collaborative projects and ongoing fly tying and fly fishing events.

Here in the Headwaters Chapter we know that our region has a lot more to offer than simply trout. Our chapter happily crosses over into any and all species of fish that are available to catch on a fly in our area. Pike, bass, panfish and more all make it into our instruction days and tying nights. The most important goal for us is to bring an angling community together that has a strong conservation ethic.


2019 Meeting Schedule

Tying Nights – Held at the Garden Grill and Pub in Bemidji, Dinner 5:30PM, Tying Begins at 6:30PM

February 21 and March 7 & 21

Our 5th grade fly fishing program starts on March 29, 3pm at the new Gene Dillion School. It will continue for four weeks, every Friday at 3pm. We need all of our regular TU volunteers plus anyone else that can come and help with fly tying, fly casting, knots and etc. Please call Bob at 218-766-7757.

Women’s Fly Fishing Retreat, May 31- June 1, offered in Bemidji. Come and learn so you can feel more confident getting out there fishing with your fly rod. More information available in March and at Great Waters Expo.

The 5th Annual Pike Hunt is June 7-8, anyone and everyone is welcome. Friday night we tie the Pike Fly, Saturday we coordinate TU guides and boats with fly casters, and Saturday evening we enjoy a delicious fresh pike fry. Call to get on the list 218-766-7757.

Join us on our next project or tying night!

Contact the Headwaters Chapter

Bob Wagner, Chapter President