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Trout Unlimited – Local:

Our Twin Cities Trout Unlimited (TCTU) chapter includes over 2000 volunteers. We work at the local and state level to restore trout streams such as the Vermillion River in Lakeville and Farmington.  Together with the other six other chapters that form Minnesota Trout Unlimited (MNTU), we’ve restored more than 40 miles of trout streams across the state, raising money to fund construction costs, and donating volunteer labor, all in cooperation with the MNDNR. 

Our mission is to “conserve, protect, restore, and sustain coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.” That includes educating local and state lawmakers about the nonpartisan goal of caring for Minnesotan’s public waters, and conserving natural resources now, and for the generations that will follow us.

We hold regular events such as free clinics to learn how to fly fish and presentations on where to catch trout in the metro area. We also volunteer to teach fly tying and educate people about our water resources through events such as the Dakota County Fair, the State Fair, and local celebrations.


From Trout Run in Troy, to Hay Creek in Red Wing, to the Vermillion River in Lakeville and Farmington, the positive environmental impact we’ve made on these resources is incredible. We not only have rebuilt riverbanks, which keeps sediment from washing downstream into rivers such as the Minnesota, St. Croix and Mississippi, but we’ve also restored adjoining native prairies: 12 acres of praire for every mile of stream we restore.  Restoration starts with protecting the land that sheds water to a stream–its “watershed.”  Protecting the landscape also protects  wildlife habitat.

Youth Engagement

TCTU members know that to preserve these valuable resources for future generations, we must educate, engage and involve our youth.  


TCTU also extends its reach beyond conservation, into our community, with special projects such as:

  • Project Healing Waters: Designed for the rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and veterans through the sport of fly fishing.
  • Casting for Recovery: Provides an opportunity for women whose lives have been profoundly affected by breast cancer to experience physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through retreats in a beautiful natural setting; and learn fly fishing, a sport for life.

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Janine Kohn, Chapter President