History of Headwater’s Chapter 642

January 1993 was the first official meeting date. The three founding fathers, Gale Brooks, Bob Frazey and John Sorenson presented and adopted Headwaters as the chapter name. 2018 will mark our 25th anniversary where we will proudly celebrate our major accomplishments of:

1. A continuous 16 year youth fly fishing program.

2. A 9 year continuous Trout in the Classroom program.

3. A 12 year focused Straight River Restoration Program with four helicopter tree drops.

4. Brook trout reproduction restored in several streams, plus brown trout naturalized in streams and rivers.

5. Increased involvement and membership through collaborative projects and ongoing fly tying and fly fishing events.

Here in the Headwaters Chapter we know that our region has a lot more to offer than simply trout. Our chapter happily crosses over into any and all species of fish that are available to catch on a fly in our area. Pike, bass, panfish and more all make it into our instruction days and tying nights. The most important goal for us is to bring an angling community together that has a strong conservation ethic.

Summer 2021 Chapter Update

Things are starting to return to normal in the north country. We missed the social interaction of our winter Community Fly Tying but tried to keep members engaged by doing some distance fly tying. It may not have been what everyone was used to, but we made the best of the situation. Six months from now we might be back to meeting in person, but using the distance environment may continue. We were able to connect with some members who moved away but still wanted to participate. 

The Trout in the Classroom program continued this year even though our members were not allowed into the schools. The year concludes with the students releasing the trout they raised in the classroom at the end of May. We will be able to have volunteers help with this, as well as a small streamside educational opportunity for the students. 

Speaking of volunteering opportunities, we will be back in the stream this summer completing at least one project on a trout stream. We are hoping that enough of our members will have their vaccines and be able to participate in our restoration projects. We may only have one confirmed currently, but more are expected as the COVID restrictions are being lifted.

Our last thing that indicates a return to normalcy is the return of our in-person Pike Hunt. We are limiting this year’s event to our chapter members only. This is out of an abundance of caution around COVID-19. I know the guidelines are changing every week, but we want to protect our participants as much as possible. 

This past year was difficult to adapt to. Many people were used to in-person social interactions with other members. Technology allowed us to try and keep members involved, but it wasn’t always easy. Issues with the internet and computer hardware always played a role in people not being able to attend our fly tying sessions. But on the positive side, we have been filming fly tying videos and posting them on our website. We may not go back to the way things have always been done before. We will likely adapt to a hybrid model of in-person and live streaming events. But we are all looking forward to a return to seeing other people’s faces.

Join us on our next project or tying night!

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Kris Williams, Chapter President