StarTribune newspaper article contained errors

An article appeared in today’s StarTribune concerning Southeast MN habitat work. We agree with the essential point of the article, namely, that we and DNR Fisheries need greater flexibility to use more rock to stabilize streambanks where appropriate. Unfortunately, the article contains a poorly labeled photo and several misstatements that give the false impression that there is widespread failure of projects in the southeast. Today we sent a letter to the editor to correct these errors, but it is worth pointing

Ask Legislators to Drop Provisions Removing Groundwater Protections

The Environment & Natural Resources omnibus bill, SF2314, contains several provisions which, if adopted in the final bill version, would undermine basic groundwater protections and allow destruction of trout fisheries. The Senate version of SF 2314 has provisions (Sections 81, 82, 84 and 85) undermining intelligent groundwater management, which will lead to the damage and destruction of trout fisheries in several areas of the state.  The House version does not contain these bad provisions and we hope the conference committee appointed

March 25 Meeting in Red Wing to examine nitrate contamination of Driftless trout streams – RSVP now

A key meeting to consider nitrate-contaminated groundwater and trout streams in the karst region of southeast Minnesota (MN’s portion of the Driftless area) will be held Monday March 25, 2019 in Red Wing, MN beginning at 5:30 p.m. The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB) will hold a public meeting that evening to gather public input on whether it should conduct a region wide study of nitrate contamination. Seating is finite and available on a first come, first served basis. Register now

MPCA denies permit to proposed feedlot near Newburg & Wisel Creeks; recommends regional study of nitrate contamination

The MPCA has denied a general permit to the proposed feedlot near Newburg and Wisel Creeks in Fillmore County. This temporary reprieve for the groundwater and trout streams in the vicinity is welcome news. Below is the announcement from MPCA.   While denial of the general permit is a big deal and presents an opportunity for larger discussion concerning the type and scale of livestock operations appropriate for the sensitive SE karst region, the project proposer can still pursue an individual

Raid on Environmental Trust Fund

One of the bills which passed in the final hours of the MN legislative session was a bonding bill to which the LCCMR/ENRTF bill was amended.  The bill includes a raid on funds in the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF), which are constitutionally dedicated for environmental purposes.  Here is a link to Dennis Anderson’s article in today’s StarTribune summarizing this issue:   This raid sets a dangerous precedent and diverts many millions of ENRTF funds every year for

May 14 Legislative Update – with one week to end of session

The MN Legislature session ends in one week. It has been a strange session with few bills passed and instead a monster “omnibus omnibus” bill which plods forward.  It contains environmental policy provisions.  Since the Senate and House versions of this bill differ, the bill is in a conference committee to resolve differences.  Here is a link to the side by side comparison of the environmental provisions of the bills: MNTU continues working with many partners to try to getting

Legislative Update – April 24

Policy decisions by the MN Legislature decide the health and persistence of coldwater fisheries around Minnesota and in Lake Superior.  Speaking up for clean water and coldwater fisheries is vital to ensuing places for us, our children and our friends to enjoy quality trout, steelhead and salmon fishing in the future.  This update provides the background you need to understand the current threats and how you might help before the Legislature’s May 21 adjournment.   Last Friday was the MN Legislature’s

Urgently need calls to U.S. Senators to prevent new aquatic invasive species in MN and Lake Superior.

We urgently need your calls to our U.S. Senators, Klobuchar and Smith, asking them to oppose the Coast Guard Authorization Act because it contains bad ballast water provisions that will increase the risk of new invasions of aquatic invasive species. The Senate will hold a vote on the Coast Guard bill tomorrow (Wednesday). It takes 60 votes to move the bill.  Neither of our Senators has announced her position.   Please contact both Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. Tina Smith TODAY

MN Legislature is about to take away the state’s authority to protect groundwater and drinking water.

On Monday afternoon April 16, both the Minnesota House and Senate will debate bills that limit the state’s ability to protect our groundwater, which is both our drinking water and the lifeblood of trout streams.   Existing Minnesota law gives the state authority to protect groundwater and drinking water. It is called the Groundwater Protection Act and it was passed in 1989 with broad support from both political parties. Contamination from rising nitrate levels is impacting thousands of people and dozens

Minnesota Trout Unlimited welcomes MNDNR change in stocking to protect and recover Lake Superior steelhead.

March 15, 2018 Minnesota Trout Unlimited (MNTU) welcomes today’s announcement by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that it will make long overdue changes in stocking practices in North Shore rivers in order to preserve and rebuild Minnesota’s unique wild steelhead fishery, while allowing time for full recovery of the population before any harvest of wild steelhead.   Cessation of kamloops stocking is the only defensible course of action MNTU especially applauds the DNR’s decision to cease the dangerous practice